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Born in Paris, France as the daughter of a Cameroonian ambassador, M8alla came into the world destined to love and absorb new cultures -- to be a citizen of the world. She uses her international perspective to sing over hard-hitting, "masculine" beats with R&B influence and African and Caribbean inflections. It's a genre she's grown to call "Tribal Trap". In 2017 she performed in two major festivals: the Art of Cool Festival (Official Day Party) and The Earth Girls Festival. Shes currently completing her debut project, "Never Leave Quietly."

It all started when M8alla moved to Washington, DC as a toddler. In middle school she indulged in the rich local arts and entertainment scene by attending numerous spoken word events all of which would inspire her future in songwriting. An unexpected fight with a rare cancer at the age of 13 changed her perspective and priorities. This put music on hold...

Her beloved father became a political prisoner in Cameroon five days before her 18th birthday and passed away in November 2014 before ever being exonerated.

With her greatest fears having become reality, M8alla decided to abandon any that remained, including her fear of failure. In memory of her father's diplomatic life track, she's now dedicated herself to a music career that allows her to build a bridge between R&B, Trap/hip hop and reggae lovers of different cultures. M8alla is also a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Contact: M8allaMusic@gmail.com

Press: Hello@NakomaPR.com




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