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Where's the music?

Insecurities are in no way new to me, but to have new insecurities is a uniquely challenging feat. To have to reinvent myself or find myself and walk amid the "I've been doing this for years," crowd demands a new kind of confidence that I'm building at the very same time as my skill level. And so these words to you are in fact me walking myself through my juggling act. If you can picture what that might literally look like, you can relate to how challenging it is to actually do.

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So in trying to understand the joy brought about by music I look back to times I was happiest. I think of my middle school-aged self. A virgin to most milestones of maturity: A virgin to judgement, a virgin to payments, and a virgin to love, worry, and regret. Most importantly I was still a virgin to loss. It brings me back to a time when I had everything to gain, and most everything could still be new. Like a baby unaware of the consequences of fire, most everything still felt safe.

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On Fearing Failure

In my mind, in the creative world I want to exist in, inspiring through music can just mean holding a mirror to the people's emotions. I try to say what others won't or can't express and most importantly what people are ashamed to express. See when I decided to toss out my fear of failure, fear of shame and embarrassment dove out along side it.

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